Eliminate Invasive Species Growing on Your Property

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Buckthorn is a shrub that can reach up to 20 feet tall. Brush Crushers II knows the proper way to tackle these troublesome plants. Because it's an invasive species, buckthorn can threaten forests, wetlands and prairies. It out-competes the native plants for nutrients, light and moisture. We'll take care of invasive species clearing for you. We can regulate buckthorn growth.

By turning old plant material into mulch, we can reduce erosion on your property and promote healthy plant growth. We'll limit the unwanted shrub growth and regain control of your property.

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Deal with unwanted shrubs and trees

Don't let buckthorn overrun your property. We offer professional tree services so you don't have to worry about buckthorn growing wild and choking out the plants you actually want on your property. We can also deal with other bothersome plants, like honeysuckle.

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